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Open Letter on School Safety

Barrow County Community Members,


The act of sending our children to our schools, one of the bedrocks of our American way of life, should not be something we question or that causes us to fear for their safety.

We want to assure our community that the number one priority of your Barrow County School System and your Barrow County Sheriff’s Office is student and staff safety.


We want to outline in broad strokes some of the things that we implement throughout the system to keep all our children, staff members and visitors safe. When planning for school safety we seek to create a welcoming learning atmosphere that is safe and secure without presenting our schools as foreboding, prison-like buildings.




2018-2019 School Resource Officer Assignments

School Safety

Lt. Tim Laturell


School Assignments:

SRO Program Supervisor


Sgt. Brett Maxwell


*School Assignments:

County Float/Supervisor

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Joe Perno, Assistant Superintendent of System Operations

Barrow County School System
School Safety

Deputy Chase Boyd

School Assignments:

Barrow County Alternative School

County Float

Deputy Shane Capeheart


School Assignments:

Kennedy Elementary School

Westside Middle School


Deputy Matthew Cook


School Assignments:

Apalachee High School


Deputy Stephen Crowe


School Assignments:

Russell Middle School
Winder Elementary School



Deputy Brady Ends

Deputy Brady Ends


School Assignments:

Bethlehem Elementary
Sims Academy

Deputy Greg Jones


School Assignments:

Winder-Barrow High School


Deputy Cecil King


School Assignments:

Auburn Elementary School

Bramlett Elementary School



Deputy Bill Minish


School Assignments:

County Line Elementary School

Holsenbeck Elementary School



Deputy Heather Stafford


School Assignments:

Yargo Elementary School

Haymon Morris Middle School



Deputy Robin Green


School Assignments:

Statham Elementary

Bear Creek Middle School