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Dr. Matt Thompson, Director, Student & Data Services


Barrow County School System
School Nurses

Healthy children learn better. School Nurses make it happen.

Nurses do an assessment of each student that comes into the clinic
to determine their health concerns. Many times the parents are
notified or the students may be able to return to class. Your nurse
holds a current nursing license, is CPR certified and has taken a
course on first aid. Our school nurses have a background of
working with children, critical care nursing in the hospital (emergency room or ICU) and Public Health Nursing. We have had many medical emergencies in the schools, if the parent can not be located the nurses will go to the hospital and stay with your child until you arrive. We work closely with the parents that have children with medical conditions and welcome your call for any concerns. If your nurse is shared with other schools she carries a cell phone to answer any questions or respond immediately to a medical emergency.


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