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System Operations

Project Manager Kendall Dutton manages new construction and renovation projects for Barrow County Schools. Kendall joined Barrow County Schools in August of 2017 and comes to our system from the private sector where he was a project manager for 15 years with Bowen & Watson Construction out of Toccoa, Georgia. Kendall has managed the construction of dozens of school projects over the years including new construction, renovations, and additions. Kendall served as project manager for additions and renovations made to Holsenbeck Elementary School in 2007.


Project Management can mean different things in different school systems. In Barrow, depending on the size of the project, it means working with system staff, architects, engineers, contractors, school level management, as well as State and local entities to plan for, design, permit, and construct new schools, additions, and renovations, along with any other local school improvement projects from planting shrubs, to installing a sidewalk, to constructing a field-house.


Some of the projects Kendall is currently working on include:


  • Master plan and design of a third high school – a magnet school of choice to be located on the campus of the Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology.
  • Planning for future improvements to Yargo Elementary School, Westside Middle School, and Apalachee High School.
  • Synthetic turf for our high school stadium fields (joint project with Barrow County)


Funding Sources


Barrow County voters approved the 5th extension of a local option sales tax on November 14, 2014 to fund various capital projects associated specifically with education such as building improvements, new school buses, technology upgrades, and text books. This consumption based tax generates revenue from the purchase of goods in Barrow County. Also referred to as “ELOST” or educational local option sales tax, this source of revenue is expected to generate up to $58,000,000 from October of 2016 to September of 2021.


General Obligation or “GO” bonds are sold in order to forward fund projects with ELOST proceeds used to retire debt on the bonds.


State capital outlay dollars are allocated to school systems based on need. In the State’s FY ‘19 capital outlay program, Barrow County Schools demonstrated a need for state eligible projects in excess of $30,000,000.  The State Legislature funded capital outlay at the 100% level in FY ‘19 which resulted in a deposit of $2,880,427 into Barrow County Schools State Capital Outlay Program account. Barrow County Schools currently has a total of $13,348,203 in its State Capital Outlay Program account.


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