Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax VI

Thank you Barrow County for supporting ESPLOST for Education!

An “ESPLOST” is the option for a local school system to call a referendum approving a one percent sales tax for school construction and/or retire bond debt. The penny sales tax spreads the responsibility of educating our children to all citizens and visitors of the community. Anyone who spends money in Barrow County is funding the ESPLOST, regardless of whether or not the person lives in the county.


Proposed projects for the next ESPLOST include:

  • Construction as needed for growth
  • Improvements to existing educational facilities
  • Continue to repay previously incurred bond debt
  • Acquire instructional and administrative technology
  • Purchase school buses
  • Purchase instructional, vocational, and physical education equipment
  • Purchase safety and security equipment

1₵ Education Sales Tax Referendum | March 19, 2019 | Information for Parents and Citizens