Long Term Disability:


BCSS has a long term disability plan designed to replace your income if you become disabled. If you become totally disabled and must be out of work for an extended period, this plan may replace 60% of your pay after 90 days of disability. If you are disabled before age 60, that benefit will continue to age 65. Disabilities occurring after age 60 continue for a set number of months.


Short Term Disability:


To get you from your sick leave to the long term disability plan, there is Short Term Disability coverage. You choose from the different waiting periods (the longer you wait to receive benefits, the lower your cost) and any benefit amount you wish ($100 increments) up to a maximum benefit of 60% of pay. Benefits begin after your sick days run out, then are payable for up to 90 days.


Short Term Disability Telephonic Claim Submission


For more information or help with LTD or STD, please contact the Barrow benefits office.


Employee Assistance Program:


Our Employee Assistance Program is available employees and their families for those employees who participate in STD, LTD or both.




Please remember that the explanation above is just a summary. The official insurance company plan documents govern the operation of our plans.




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