System Operations


Joe Perno, Assistant Superintendent of System Operations


Barrow County School System
System Operations

Energy and Contracts manager Allen Henriksen oversees The Barrow Bold Cleaning Program.


The organizational structure for the hybrid approach employed in the cleaning of our schools is outlined as follows:


                       Building Maintenance Director: Greg Webb

                       Contracts / Energy Manager, Allen Henriksen

                       Custodial Trainer, Chris Perkins

                       Custodial Trainer, Cherry Pittman Padovano



                       Primero Staffing President: Mark Inderlied

                       General Manager, Joe Dohmann

                       Operations Manager, Kathy Proctor

                       Manager on site day time (office at old County Line ES), Pablo Caranza

                       Manager on site evenings  (office at old County Line ES) Nancy Munoz

                       93 custodians (18 Day Porters, 75 Evening Staff which includes 18 Team Leads)



                       Pro-C-Systems: Bob Cummings
                       (consultant and designer of cleaning plan)




                       Athens Janitor Supply: John Chittom
                       (cleaning supply distributor and equipment repair contractor)


Prior to 2012 our system operated a totally “in house” custodial program where Human Resources hired and managed the workforce, Principals managed the custodians at their schools, and Maintenance provided training and support. Barrow County Schools owned and maintained the equipment and a vendor provided supplies based on inventory managed by the head custodians, Maintenance, and the vendor.












From 2012 through 2016 our System utilized a contractor provided custodial program in which a single vendor furnished all custodial equipment, supplies, labor and management. This approach was implemented primarily as a cost savings measure as a result of the economic downturn and cuts made to the budget.












In the Winter of 2016 our Superintendent and Board of Education approved of a new direction for our custodial program.  A “hybrid” approach was installed where a staffing company provides the labor and management of this personnel, Maintenance trains and supports the custodians utilizing a cleaning plan as developed in coordination with a consultant, and a vendor provides and manages the distribution of supplies and performs preventive maintenance on the equipment. New equipment was purchased by the System as part of this program.

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